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Web Development

The term Web Development, in a broader sense, refers to all the technical, coding, and design aspects that goes in the making of a website. This includes everything from analysis, programming, the backend and front end, and graphical design to database, web server configuration, and even the latest buzz word, search engine optimization or SEO. And the team supporting and carrying out this entire steps or processes, it could vary from hundreds of people to as few as two or even one, depending upon the size and scope of the project. In the case of big projects, web development could span across different departments in the enterprise rather than being the domain of a certain department alone.

Web development today is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, thanks to the internet revolution that swept the world in the 90s. The internet revolution has propelled cyberspace into one of the hottest/ happening things on earth, with lots of business and revenue potential, and a flexibility none of the conventional media could ever match that today, virtually everyone enterprising on earth wants to own an address – a web page – up there at the earliest. For businesses, it was like having their ads on every square feet of space on earth, and for the common man on the streets, a medium they can access anytime they wish for information/communication. And this scope has only expanded in the last decade and will do so in the coming years as well.

Statistics shows that there is over 50,000 web development companies registered in the US alone. In developing countries like India and Brazil, where labor is cheap and work quality is high, it could easily exceed a hundred thousand or more.

For youngsters, web development provides a lucrative self-employment opportunity as well since the demand for web pages is only going to rise in the coming years. As mentioned already, in developing countries, many educated youth are already making a living by offering web design services to various clients from across the globe. It takes no much infrastructure to start web development on one's own and what all is required is a PC and adequate knowledge/command on web development tools such as Dream Weaver and Microsoft FrontPage and expertise in one or more of the scripting/programming languages. For those whose talent is in web design, the former is enough. Scripts and languages like Java are for web programming – the business side of a website.

To know more about web development and its employment scopes, search the web.

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