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Web Design

Web pages are equivalent to the hoardings of one’s business, but erected in the cyberspace. It is the virtual face of your establishment, the one that people see or interact with in the first place. So, in order to impress the netizens and grab their attention, it naturally calls for good aesthetic sense and appearance, much like how ad banners are done. The more catchy and simple the webpage is, the better it is going to go down with the audience.

Web design is the process of creating such web pages using various software tools. And a person who does web designing is a web designer. Those who may be confused with the term web programmer, they are people who put in the codes for validation/backend functions of a website like form submissions, database access etc. Web design is usually done using software programs like Dream Weaver, Photoshop, and Microsoft Front Page; even though there is an array of other tools available that does virtually the same. But the former three performs well and are easy to use.

But, there are few points one must consider while designing a website. First, the target audience or customers. The web design must be directly focusing on them. Next comes, the navigation, which must be user friendly with minimal cluttering and roundabouts. Marketing is also of prime importance as it will be initially responsible for drawing the first crowds to your product. Finally, there is SEO or search engine optimization - how the website would figure in the future web searches. SEO includes a variety of factors, from keywords, heading and text ordering to meta-tags, font, links, images, and lot more, and hence is more of an expert’s job. This is not something amateur designers can do.

After designing the web page, host it in a server by selecting a suitable domain name. The domain name must be meaningful and somewhat at least linked to the website topic of interest. Remember, it is also a crucial SEO aspect – domain name linked to web content.

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